Yalari Pathways & Alumni

The Yalari Post Schools Program provides a formal structure for support and guidance for Yalari students after they finish their secondary school education to assist them transition to higher education, vocational training and employment.

The success of the Pathways and Alumni Program is attributed to its unique structure which offers one-on-one support, advice, guidance and help.

The Pathways Manager begins working with students while they are still at school giving them a greater understanding of career pathways and the benefits of planning a transition beyond school.

Students are offered insight about university options, apprenticeship and trainee information, gap-year decisions and employment.  The program also incorporates many opportunities and options specific to Indigenous students.

Students go on to a range of activities after boarding school, which reflects the quality of education they received.

We have continued to foster relationships with a number of universities and are delighted to see a growing number of Yalari graduates choosing courses at university.

We are serious about generational change, so we will continue to create opportunities for our scholars to move beyond school into tertiary education and real jobs.





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