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Medibank Community Fund: Yalari Leadership

30 Jun 2014 | Added by yalari

Let’s be honest, the last thing that most 16 year old students want is to be spending their weekend listening to people talk about leadership.

But Yalari students aren’t most year 10 students. They show maturity and respect beyond their years.

And last weekend, rather than spending their weekend going shopping or hanging out with friends, 30 of them got together at Trinity College in Melbourne to learn about leadership and ‘paying it forward’.

Most of us have seen the movie Pay it Forward.  It’s a Kevin Spacey film in which a teacher gives his students a school project that asks them to come up with a plan that will change the world for the better.

This year, that is exactly what Yalari staff are asking of their year 10 students.  They have been set a challenge, to raise $20,000 in one year between them, so that they can pay for other students to have the same opportunity as them.  Read more...



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