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Gold Coast Bulletin - 8 September 2015: Student Debate

7 Sep 2015 | Added by yalari

Student Debate:  Should Indigenous Australians be recognised in the Australian Constitution?


# At 1:55pm, November 23, 2015, Igrica said:
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Thanks for the great comment. You posed some great qusnitoes and I will try to answer them thoroughly. First, I apologize about confusion over where to comment.Second, I believe that change in ideology is key and that public policy/societal changes will follow. It is the underlying philosophy that needs to be addressed first. I also do not believe that perpetuating class is as widely known. I think, depending of course on who you spend your time around, class in the U.S. is sort of a dirty little secret. And the many that announce the death of the American dream are often overwhelmed in number as well as voice by the people who'd like us to continue operating under that notion. I agree with you that there is a vindictiveness towards the rich one that becomes more prominent the farther down the rung you go. Thanks for pointing to that. I would hesitate to call the rich victims of their status because the detriments inherited by being born poor do not compare with the disadvantages of being born rich. Also, there are very different outcomes when the rich abuse their privileges and the poor abuse theirs. The resources that the rich can utilize does not compare, again, to that of the poor or even middle classes.The sense of entitlement you speak of is also a critical component of wealth, one that people who are not born into wealth do not have. Books have been written on the attitudes of class and whether-or-not it is possible to learn those. I won't go into that here.So, in the end, you seem to ask how I think this can be fixed. Well, I can say that policy coming down from the government cannot (at least not entirely, although it may help) fix the issue. An ideological shift in the population can often be reflected by government, though. On that idea, I believe that if a change occurs within people, government will easily follow. What sort of a change? A realization that we are not that different. That we breathe the same air, and we are all mortal as Kennedy says. An understanding that it is disgraceful and disgusting for me to have a forty-bedroom mansion and eleven cars when there are other people (who are the same as I am) deciding between food, medicine, clothing, heat A renewed (and honest) dedication to equal opportunity.This would seem to spit in the face of capitalism, but please avoid throwing around words like communism. This does not have to be achieved through massive government arbitration because government is not the problem nor is it the real solution. Ideology is. At one point, capitalism improved the lives of all parts of the United States. It can be done again.As for this new generation my generation I would not count us out just yet. We may very well be the least religious and most narcissistic we are also the most connected. In the age of social networking mainly via the internet, it is possible to see just how similar we all really are. Never before has a generation been so instantaneously bridged. We now have the broadest, most global news media coverage this world has seen, bringing the plight of others from around the world into all of our living rooms. Look at the Occupy Wall St. protests. Case and point. There is a part of my generation I have no faith in whatsoever, believe me. But I also know of a part that is sick of the bullshit and has begun to say enough .

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